What does amend operator driver license mean - gateway...


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What does 'Operator' mean?


What does 'Operator' mean? An operator is a user of LiveZilla (the person that is chatting with your website visitors). The amount of Operator Licenses available determines the number of operators (users) that can concurrently sign on to the system.

OLN means Operator License Number


"Operator License Number" can be abbreviated as OLN. Q: A: What is the meaning of OLN abbreviation?

R help - What does the "<<-" operator mean?


So what does the double arrow <<- operator do?



Sorry! You've reached the maximum amount of free requests per day and user. Please click here to obtain a commercial license.

What does license type e o mean


It means operator...and an operator can drive many ...

What does ! mean as an operator within a formula | Forum


"Tam" wrote: > I am copying formula which has an exclamation mark prefixing a cell reference > but I cannot determine what the operator calculates.

Fatal error: 'break' operator with non-constant operand is no longer...


Fatal error: 'break' operator with non-constant operand is no longer supported in /home/iamisrael/iamproisrael.com/wp-content/themes/dark-wood/garbino.php on line 1.

syntax - What does the Star operator mean in Python? - Stack Overflow


The single star * unpacks the sequence/collection into positional arguments, so you can do this: Def sum(a, b): return a + b. Values = (1, 2). S = sum(*values). This will unpack the tuple so that it actually executes as: S = sum(1, 2). The double star ** does the same...

What does a G restriction on a Texas driver's license mean?


...vehicle is necessary for the operator to attend or participate in employment or a school-related activity or because of a medical emergency; or (2) while using a wireless communications device, except in case of emergency. (c) This section does not apply to: (1) the holder of a hardship license...

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