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What does 'ich liebe euch alle' mean in English


Ich liebe dich auch.

What does Ich liebe dich mean in English


Ich liebe dich auch. - I love you, too.

What does ich hab dich liebe mean in English


What does ich heisse dich mean in English? On its own ich heiße Dich makes no sense and translates as I am called/my name is you.

What does "ich dich auch" mean? - Translations - Toytown Germany


What does "ich dich auch" mean? Started by triangulum, 25 Feb 2011.

what does" ich liebe dich" mean? | Yahoo Answers


It does indeed mean "I love you". Ich - I Lieb - Love (+e - makes it a verb) Dich - You.

What does “ich liebe dich” mean in German? - Quora


German (language): What does "ich auch" mean?

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german to english - What’s the difference between “Ich habe dich...”


What is the English equivalent of “Ich rieche dich”? 1. Does “Ich hab dich lieb” mean the same as “Ich liebe dich”? 5.

whats Ich liebe dich meine lieben in english – Kgb Answers


The literal translation of "Ich liebe dich meine lieben" in English is "I love you my love". How sweet.

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