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Translate these sentences into your language. 1 What was Oliver doing when you saw him?

Oliver Twist

60 Oliver Twist. tion; so they threw a can of cold water over him; and when he came to, saw him safely out of the churchyard, locked the gate, and departed on their different ways. ‘Well, Oliver,’ said Sowerberry, as they walked home, ‘how do you like it?’


Oliver did see it in his mind’s eye as distinctly as if he had not altered his position; but he thought it better not to worry the kind old lady; so he smiled gently when she looked at him; and Mrs. Bedwin, satisfied that he felt more comfortable, salted and broke bits of toasted bread into the broth...

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Oliver, Oliver, what will he do. when he's turned black and blue.

5- What did Oliver do to Noah when Noah insulted his mother?


OLIVER Do you live in London? JACK I do when I’m at home.

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Oliver gets healthy again. Mr. Brownlow sees something familiar about Oliver but doesn't know what. One day, Oliver is doing an errand for Mr. Brownlow and he runs into Nancy and Sikes.

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“Oh, I see. Beak’s order, eh? But,” he added, noticing Oliver’s look of surprise, “I suppose you don’t know what a beak is, my flash com-pan-i-on.”

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens: Chapter 2

"Ah, bless 'em, that I do, dear as it is," replied the nurse. "I couldn't see 'em suffer before my very eyes, you know, sir."

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5- "What did you see?" he shouted صاح, taking a knife سكين in one hand. 1- Who said this o whom? - Fagin said this to Oliver.

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