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why does my privet hedge keep dying


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Why Did Privet Hedge Die Over Winter


Q: why did my privet hedges die over the winter? Winter kill John. It froze to death. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

PrivetFilter - garden hedge dying | Ask MetaFilter


Why is this privet hedge dying? The hedge is about 4' tall and consists of approximately 15 plants.

Privet hedges


Please tell me why I should or should not plant privet hedges.

What Is a Privet Hedge? (with picture)


Though the shrub is flat and boxlike by nature, it typically requires frequent pruning to keep its shape. While not a traditional "high maintenance" type of plant, privet hedges do demand a certain amount

Can you trim back Privets | Privet Hedge pruning


Renovating Privet Hedge. Pruning Privet Hedges Way Back. By: Sandy Feather ©2008 Penn State Extension.

Privet Hedge Disease | eHow


Wilt, which is a form of fungus, causes privet hedge leaves to curl, turn yellow or reddish, and die. Honey fungus can cause root rot and various other problems, resulting in leaves failing to appear in spring, or full leafy branches dying off.

Privet Hedge - Direct Gardening


It is a fast-growing, superior, long-lived and beautiful hedge plant. If you love neat, formal trimmed hedges, our Hardy Amur Privet is the hedge for you.

Planting a Privet Hedge - Cottage at the Crossroads


Ligustrum is so commonly used as hedges they’ve become known as privet hedges.

Privet Hedges - gardening forum | gardenersworld.com


I have not grown a hedge from scratch, but I do think privet looks best when it is dense. I keep mine very closely clipped and it always looks good, so I expect that the cuttings should be planted quite close.


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