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Why Did Privet Hedge Die Over Winter


Q: why did my privet hedges die over the winter? Winter kill John. It froze to death. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy. Do you have a gardening question?

How to save dying hedges - 1Q5A


Why could my privet hedges be dying ? What could I do to save them... answers.yahoo.com Sounds like it could be dieback, or it could be something that was in the mulch that either does not agree with your privet, or introduced a disease.

A Pox on Privet! It’s Only Logical | Southern Living Blog


Why wasn’t I told that Spock had a place in the Hamptons? I thought he was still hanging out on Talos IV. Second, my feelings regarding privet have not changed.

PrivetFilter - garden hedge dying | Ask MetaFilter


Why is this privet hedge dying? The hedge is about 4' tall and consists of approximately 15 plants.

I need help with my Privet hedge | Forum


Picasa Web Albums - 1971GTO - privet. What can I do to treat this white stuff on

What Is a Privet Hedge? (with picture)


Though the shrub is flat and boxlike by nature, it typically requires frequent pruning to keep its shape. While not a traditional "high maintenance" type of plant, privet hedges do demand a certain amount

When Should You Cut A Privet Hedge


It was not cut for years and measured you should keep it! blanco neil - you ll bing things out of that privet hedge for weeks!.

Does Herbicide Kill Privet Hedges? | Home Guides | SF Gate


For foliar applications of herbicide on privet hedges, use glyphosate mixed in a 5 percent solution with water.

How to Cut a Privet Hedge | eHow


How to Cut a Privet Hedge. Privet (Ligustrum), comes in many varieties: Japanese, Chinese, common, California Privet (Ligutrum vulgare) or Golden (Ligustrum

How to Grow a Privet Hedge | Gardening Tips ‘n Ideas


Each year your privet hedge will require pruning after the initial shaping and this can be done easily

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