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Aisha and Nabu are a romantic couple once featured on the animated series Winx Club. Starting with an arranged marriage and hate from Aisha towards Nabu, they are probably the closest couple, in both what people see and what they see...

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Nabu is a character from the Winx Club series. His first appearance was in "A Trap for Fairies". He was Aisha's love interest, and later fiancé. In Season 3 and a part of Season 4, He wears a tracksuit in purple colors with yellow stripes, with a neckline beneath his trousers, a red shirt and white shoes.

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Princess Aisha (Princess Layla in some versions) is the Princess of Andros and a member of the Winx Club who joined in the second season and a former student of Alfea College for Fairies. Aisha is the Guardian Fairy of Waves.

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Nabu is a character from the Winx Club series. His first appearance was The Tears of the Black Willow . He's Layla/Aisha's love interest. Nabu is a wizard from Andros. He was from a wealthy family, and had an isolated childhood similar to Aisha's.

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The Day of Justice is the twenty-fourth episode of the fourth season of Winx Club. The day for the Wizards of the Black Circle to surrender to Morgana has finally arrived. The Winx tell Kiko that he's in charge of looking after the other pets while they're on Tir Nan Og.

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Season 4 of Winx Club an Italian animated series, premiered on Rai 2 on 15 April 2009 and concluded on 13 November 2009, airing 26 episodes. The season takes place a year after the events of season 3 and the feature film Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.

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Winx Club is an Italian animated television series directed, created and produced by Iginio Straffi and his company Rainbow S.r.l. in co-production with Rai Fiction. The series is the first Italian cartoon to be sold in the United States.

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2. Aisha/layla - Winx Club Web (official) Wiki - Wikia Princess Aisha Layla In Some Other Language Dubs Is A Fictional Character From The Winx Club Animated Series.

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