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Playing hard means that I am so contented that I can dance and play. Working hard means that I am feeling like a beggar. It means that I must work hard to attain something.

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Basically means that one works hard at school or their job while they also party on the weekends (or weekdays as well, depending on how far they take it).

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I work hard I play harder I'm a good time American daughter Redneck, Blue collar, I party down to my last daughter I work hard, I work hard, I work

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About “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Arguably the most notorious and renown songs off the “O.N.I.F.C” album. This song has a simply meaning, the more harder one grinds the more fun that person can have.

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Work Hard Play Hard: Founded Today July 4, 2016. Yesterday, we celebrated Independence Day. This day has very special meaning for me. As an American, the significance is obvious, and shared by hundreds of millions. As a son, the significance is more unique.

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WHPH means "Work Hard, Play Hard".

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It means to put an effort into both your work and your relaxation activities: to do both with energy and enthusiasm. A person who works hard during the day needs to make the most of such spare time he has and to do worthwhile things during his time off rather than snooze in front of the TV.

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Песня “Work Hard, Play Hard” принадлежит известному американскому рэперу - Wiz Khalifa. Соавторами трека выступили: Stargate и Benny Blanco. Композиция была выпущена в формате лид-сингла.

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"Work hard, play harder" means you should work hard at school or at work and when you're done, you should do whatever you want to do after.

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Many people believe (and live by) the idea that working hard means rewarding yourself and playing hard. A new study published in the British Medical Journal found that people who espouse a “work hard, play hard” philosophy are not all talk, and are actually living by their motto.

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