c# - programatically add column & rows to WPF Datagrid


Adding new rows to WPF DataGrid requires a trick. DataGrid relies on property fields of an item object. ExpandoObject enables to add new properties dynamically. The code below explains how to do it

WPF DataGrid Practical Examples - CodeProject | Row Details


All database synchronisation logic is performed by handling event from this bound collection; therefore, there is no WPF DataGrid specific code.

DataGrid | WPF


Disabling row selection in the WPF DataGrid included in .NET Framework 4 is not really easy.

C# Read Excel and Show in WPF DataGrid - Code Arsenal


As I said before I want also show the excel data in WPF DataGrid, so I created ExcelData class which contains Data property.

DataGrid for WPF | Adding a Custom Row to the Data Grid


Adding an Extra Row. ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF allows adding one or more rows on top or bottom of data.

How to programmatically select and focus a row or cell in a DataGrid...


is correctly the first row in the second datagrid after data bounding is completed. Here the piece of code I use (“dgPolizzeSbarchi” is the first datagrid and “dgContenitoriSbarchi” is the

The WPF DataGrid and Me | CodeForNothing | And the Code


or, how to change the background of a cell in a WPF Toolkit DataGrid data-bound to a DataTable.

WPF Extended DataGrid - Home


Download complete source code for .NET 4.0 WPF Extended Datagrid (Now you will be able to use normal Datagrid objects with this grid).

DataGrid in WPF | Setting Column Width and Row Height


DataGrid element represents WPF DataGrid control in XAML.

WPF DataGrid Tutorial With C# Code Examples - CodeSamplez.com


Beginners level tutorial about using WPF datagrid in C#.NET desktop applications with simple code examples.

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