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Found the problem. My constructor in the object that's part of my ObservableCollection wasn't declared public. *Hits head*. Thanks for your time.

c# - programatically add column & rows to WPF Datagrid


Adding new rows to WPF DataGrid requires a trick. DataGrid relies on property fields of an item object. ExpandoObject enables to add new properties dynamically.

How to programmatically select and focus a row or cell in a DataGrid...


The DataGrid control in WPF 4.5 by default uses user interface virtualization for performance reasons.

WPF DataGrid Practical Examples - CodeProject | Row Details


The WPF DataGrid is part of the WPF Toolkit. The steps to add the DataGrid control to your project are as follows

WPF DataGrid - detecting the column, cell and row that has been...


The WPF DataGrid is a very flexible tool, however in its current state certain simple tasks can prove to be rather tricky. A fairly common task when working with DataGrid is detecting which row, or cell a user has clicked on, or

Wpf Datagrid Manually Add Rows


Manually add rows in WPF DataGrid. I can edit existing rows and it works fine, but when I attempt to add a new row by moving.

DataGrid in WPF | Setting Column Width and Row Height


DataGrid in WPF. By Mahesh Chand on Sep 28, 2009.

WPF DataGrid Control | DevExpress


The DevExpress WPF DataGrid Control is an Outlook inspired editing and data shaping component allowing your end-users to easily manage information

Change WPF DataGrid Row Color on Mouse Over


Tweet. In this short code snippet, I will explain how to change the look of the WPF DataGrid row display on a Mouse action (in this example, on MouseOver). In WPF using Style, the display and the behavior of any element can be changed by defining user input actions.

hardcodet.net » Moving WPF DataGrid Rows using Drag and Drop


DnD is started as soon as the user presses the left mouse button on the datagrid.

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