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c# - WPF Datagrid Row Context Menu - Disable... - Stack Overflow


WPF Datagrid MVVM : Add new row through context menu/ Not able to retrieve the new row context in the command parameter. 1. Disable selection of cell and keep the show the context menu action in a datagrid with the right click in WPF.

xaml - WPF DataGrid: Binding DataGridColumn... - Stack Overflow


I've been looking for a generic, XAML (i.e., no code-behind), automatic and simple example of a column chooser context menu that binds to a WPF DataGrid column header.

WPF Datagrid MVVM : Add new row through context menu/ Not able...


If you wanna add a new row to your datagrid why not simply create a add command where you add a new item to your ObservableCollection and set this new item to your selectedItem, so its selected in your datagrid.

wpf - get row in context menu command parameter mvvm


WPF, MVVM datagrid row binding. 7. WPF: Add a command to auto-generated by binding menu items. 0. Context menu commands in an Observable Collection.

Wpf Datagrid Row Context Menu


Wpf Datagrid Context Menu Get Row.

wpf datagrid context menu row mvvm


c# - Getting WPF Data Grid Context Menu Click Row - Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com.

Implementing single cell copy and full row Item Selection in WPF...


Recently, I came across a strange problem with a DataGrid while using the MVVM-Light pattern. The problem was that I needed to implement two, seemingly similar pieces of functionality

[Solved] Wpf how to do a contextmenu only on a datagrid row


I've been learning C# for years, and finally decided to learn and use WPF and MVVM, and no code-behind. This is my first app, and for the most part, it's

WPF 4: Using DataGrid Context-Menu for Performing Insertion...


The WPF DataGrid Context Menu helps us to develop similar kind of UI applications. In the code snippet given below, I have explained the same. Note: You may also want to read WPF 4 DataGrid: Delete Multiple Rows.

get row in context menu command parameter mvvm


I have set DataTable as ItemsSource for WPF DataGrid. Now I have a context menu to delete any row. The command is handled in the view model which has DataTable object.


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