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..."False" Name="dataGrid1" IsReadOnly="True" > <DataGrid.Columns> <DataGridTextColumn Header="Site" Binding="{Binding Site}

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disable multicheck in context menu wpf. 1. Column-Header and Row-Header context menu. 6. Retain DataGrid IsSelectionActive when a ContextMenu opens in WPF?

WPF 4: Using DataGrid Context-Menu for Performing Insertion...


The WPF DataGrid Context Menu helps us to develop similar kind of UI applications.

WPF DataGrid Practical Examples - CodeProject | Row Details


...on the DataGrid in the Visual Studio designer, you will see a DataGrid entry in the context menu.

Edit Row Details In Context Menu In DataGrid In WPF


In my previous article on “Hide/Un-Hide Columns Using Context menu In DataGrid In WPF”, we saw how we can display ContextMenu on Column Headers. In this article we will try something else; we will edit the Selected Row Details in ContextMenu.

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Column-Header and Row-Header context menu. { Visits(219) Posted by H.B.Priyank Thakkar 6.7k }. I am using WPF datagrid. I am providing context menu for row-header and column-header. The code is as mentioned below: MainWindow.xaml.

ContextMenu for WPF DataGrid on row level


So, the requirement is to display a context menu on the row of WPF datagrid, similar to the following: The "out-of-box" way to do that in WPF, is to

Image of WPF Datagrid with column-chooser context menu


By adding this behavior to any WPF datagrid, users will be able to configure the datagrid from a context menu by right-clicking on any grid column heading

How to export data from a DataGrid in WPF | Magnus Montin


The user can sort columns in a DataGrid control by clicking the column header, provided that the

DataGrid in WPF | Grid Lines Visibility and Header Visibility


The HeaderVisibility property is used to show and hide row and column headers. The following code snippet makes vertical grid lines visible and header visible for both rows and columns.

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