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  1. c# - WPF datagrid allow user to add rows? - Stack Overflow

    Found the problem. My constructor in the object that's part of my ObservableCollection wasn't declared public. *Hits head*. Thanks for your time.


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    • WPF datagrid allow user to add rows?
    • Binding datagrid WPF to two different classes with lists? 0. Infinite nested DataGrid data template.


  3. c# - programmatically add column & rows to WPF Datagrid - Stack Overflow

    • Adding new rows to WPF DataGrid requires a trick. DataGrid relies on property fields of an item object.
    • At runtime you can add more PropertyDescriptors to 'Users' add another column to the grid.


  4. WPF DataGrid Practical Examples - CodeProject | Row Details

    • The WPF DataGrid is part of the WPF Toolkit. The steps to add the DataGrid control to your project are as follows
    • However, when the data grid selection changes to the empty row at the bottom, the column's read-only state is toggled to allow the user to add a new Customer row.


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    • I'm using the WPF DataGrid (.Net 3.5 SP 1 version from the Toolkit). What event can I subscribe to, to detect when a new row is added? (e.g. when the user moves the cursor down or presses Enter a new blank row gets added to the grid).


  6. We use the RowDetailsTemplate in the WPF DataGrid to get a row with details in this chapter.

    • public DataGridDetailsSample() {. InitializeComponent(); List<User> users = new List<User>(); users.Add(new User() { Id = 1, Name = "John Doe"
    • public string ImageUrl { get; set; } } } Summary. Being able to show details for a DataGrid row is extremely useful, and with the WPF DataGrid it's...


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    • Reading what row is selected in WPF datagrid. 1. WPF datagrid does not allow user to add blank rows. 0. Add empty row to WPF DataGrid and edit cells afterwards.


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    • WPF Datatrigger on button based on datagrid wpf datagrid user add row How to add drop down list in every row of dynamic table which fetch data from server.


  9. c# - Adding A Row To A DataGrid In WPF? - Stack Overflow

    • dataGridView1.Rows.Add(user.Handle, c); But in WPF, when I try to use a DataGrid there is no 'Rows' property. Is there any way to do this in WPF that doesn't consist of an insane amount of lines of code or a lot of messing with XAML?


  10. How to programmatically select and focus a row or cell in a DataGrid in WPF | Magnus Montin

    • dataGrid.ScrollIntoView(item); row = dataGrid.ItemContainerGenerator.ContainerFromIndex
    • The DataGrid control in WPF 4.5 by default uses user interface virtualization for performance
    • difference is that you add a System.Windows.Controls.DataGridCellInfo object to the DataGrid’s SelectedCells...