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If you only use 'forced' subtitles - disable subtitles from the Audio OSD while playing a movie and then choose the setting 'set as default for all movies', forced subs

What is forced subtitle? How to obtain forced subtitles only...

Forced subtitles only provide subtitles when the characters speak a foreign or alien language, or a sign, flag, or other • View topic - Forced Subtitles on DVDs | Forum

XBMC on the other hand appears to recognize the track correctly and only play the forced only parts of the track. Forced subtitles not showing when... - Forum

However, the AV200 wasn't showing subtitles. Is there a setting in XBMC that I missed that will enable only forced subtitles? (My Spanish is pretty bad, so my attempt at translating for my wife was probably WAAAY off.

What is forced subtitle? (Leung Gia ViFans)

How to obtain forced subtitles only from a DVD/Blu-ray movie?

Subtitles - Kodi | 5.3 Using Forced Subtitles

5.3 Using Forced Subtitles. 1 Changing subtitle settings during playback. The audio options are found under the speaker icon (C).

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OpenELEC Forum - Forced Subtitles Don't Seem to Work Properly (1/1)

While this is usually painless exercise, forced subtitles can often be challenging.

Easy way to backup Blu-ray Movies with only Forced Subtitles-Hot...

What is forced subtitle? Why do you backup Blu-ray Movies with only Forced Subtitles? How to get forced subtitles in Blu-ray discs? This article will tell you the answer! What is forced subtitle? Unlike DVD, on Blu-ray...

HD Video Share • View topic - What is forced subtitle? How to obtain...

1: Pavtube ByteCopy can keep multiple subtitles and still obtain forced subtitles only for DVD/Blu-ray. It allows for multiple subtitles and forced subtitles when enveloping a whole movie to MKV container. Both VLC player and XBMC show subtitles when playing the MKVs on PC.

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