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  1. xbmc subtitles forced only

    • In that time we only do bug fixes, and then comes the final release! .... XBMC Media Center 9.11-получше будет. .... LiveTV streaming, memory-leak(s), flickering visualisations, incorrect audio-channel mappings, (Spanish) forced subtitles, etc.


  2. Option to play "Forced Subtitles" support in XBMC? Movies with only partial subtitles | Forum

    • Kodi Media Center, a free and open source cross-platform media center software, capable of playing back almost all known video, audio and picture formats.
    • ...and no, I do not think XBMC's DVDPlayer support having only forced subtitles enabled so moving this to the feature suggestions forum.


  3. Forced subtitles | Kodi Community Forum

    • If you only use 'forced' subtitles - disable subtitles from the Audio OSD while playing a movie and then choose the setting 'set as default for all
    • mliegey Wrote: Playing this new mkv in xbmc will show the desired "forced subtitles" as long as i select enable subtitles in the audio window of xbmc.


  4. xbmc only show forced subtitles

    • Естественно XBMC Media Center выделяется своим интерфейсом
    • If you only use 'forced' subtitles - disable subtitles from the Audio OSD while playing a movie and then choose the setting 'set as default for all movies', forced subs.


  5. Forced subtitles not working | Kodi Community Forum

    • Or implement something similar to mpc-hc. Forced subtitles if you do a search are still the biggest headache facing xbmc for some reason, and theirs no xbmc subtitle database for forced subs only i have found.


  6. Force Subtitles Strangeness | Kodi Community Forum

    • Both display all subtitles exactly the same if the subtitles option is enabled, however the the option is not enabled, only the Mac instance of XBMC displays the forced subtitles in the default track.


  7. Anyway to easily add only forced subtitles to files in xbmc? | Forum

    • When I first started doing this whole XBMC thing I and used MakeMKV I never chose to do subtitles.
    • Sup2Sub can be used to convert the BD forced subs (save forced only) and then merge them with mkvmerge (think that's right program).


  8. My only request forced PGS Blu ray subtitle detection support that was present in PHT/Kodi — Plex Forums

    • LAV and xbmc/kodi/ffmpeg/pht could detect forced blu ray pgs subtitles in a stream.
    • This is something the Plex server doesn't support. It can only discern normal sub streams and forced subtitle streams. But not support both attributes within one stream.


  9. MKV forced/non forced tracks | Forum

    • If XBMC ONLY showed subititles if one or both of those flags were set, then for any movie without either flag set, XBMC will NEVER play subtitles, no matter you do. I've come across plenty of files where there is no default or forced subtitle stream embedded...


  10. Bluray forced subtitles (bounty!) | Forum

    • (2013-09-29 21:41)furii Wrote: of the titles you've listed the only one i have is the avengers and that does indeed have a separate forced only subtitle track. so my guess is it's not the container but the fact that there are two separate english tracks, full and forced. xbmc is likely choosing the first...