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Trust me order this it is soooooo good! Mm I'm craving it now! It is a very safe choice. It's kind of like if someone wants to go to a sushi restraint for the first time and is scared...the safe tasty bet is to order them California rolls. This is kind of the California roll of Indian food lol.

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How can you tell if a friend is lying in a text message? asked by Yahoo Answers Team.

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Yahoo answers indian food


Yahoo Food on the Road: A Weekend in Cincinnati. Gina. Best Answer: What abt Indian Food? first of all, there are several kinds of cuisines within India and secondly each one rocks.



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Why is Indian food so spicy? Here is the answer!


Who likes indian spicy food? and why? Answer: I like Indian food. its so yummyy. Read more. kiran123 at Yahoo!

yahoo answers indian food


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