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  1. chinese guys/indian girls? | Yahoo Answers

    Ok it depends on how hot you are, if ur average then prolly not, they pretty much want super hot indian chicks. im mexican and idated a chinese guy for 3 plus years and we have a child together. trust me it goes liek this, first off above all else chinese guys want a blond white chick...


  2. Dating an indian guy yahoo answers

    • Yahoo 7 Answers Sign in Mail ⚙. Do indian guy like hispanic girls.
    • Why is it difficult to date an Indian guy in. about Indian guys, wouldn't you want to get answers from as. with dating an Indian guy?


  3. Indian guys and interracial relationships, most to least common out of these in your area? | Yahoo Answers

    Not many Indian guys in interracial relationships here compared to Indian girls. Indian Girl - White guys is the most common pairing i have seen when it comes to Indians. I have seen some Indian Girl - Asian guy and Indian Girl - Black guys too.


  4. Creepy middle eastern and indian guys? | Yahoo Answers

    Like how many white guys have asked you if they can lick your feet? Plus, the other men's creepiness is much more sexual, while I think Indian and Middle Eastern men's is more subtle, like you said, such as just confessing immature love and hopes of marriage.


  5. White girl dating indian guy? | Yahoo Answers

    Of course it's okay. I'm a white girl and I'm dating a black guy. It's fun learning about a different culture, and you'll probably learn you aren't as different as you thought.


  6. British girls hate Indian guys ? | Yahoo Answers

    How many Indian guys do you know who are actually married to white women? I've only ever met one. Maybe if that statistic starts changing, then white girls (the ones who are smarter than I was) will start to take Indian guys seriously as boyfriends...


  7. Do Indian guys like short Indian girls? | Yahoo Answers

    ...sure there are many guys out there who like short girls... some are 5ft them self ... so ofcourse they like u.. and there are some normal tall guys about 5.5 to say 5.10 the like kinda pretty short gals.. well me personally like one shortie in my office... she is soo cute.. i just want to hug her.. lolz am indian...


  8. Do girls go for indie guys? | Yahoo Answers

    Depends on the girl, and depends on the guy. Indie people tend to attract one another. Not a rule, but a tendency.


  9. Girls, what do you think of Indian guys? | Yahoo Answers

    I think the reason some *might* girls think indian guys are creepy are due to the fact that in their culture there is so much pressure to get married. This is not as big of an issue with typical Americanized families. I think that makes some guys really clingy.


  10. Do white guys like Indian girls? | Yahoo Answers

    I've seem many White men dating or married to Asian women from Japan, S.Korea, Philippines, or Thailand but I've never seen any White men and East Indian women. Must be a rare combination.