DATA USAGE COMPARISON Yahoo Mail Data Usage : 25 KB/minute

GMAIL Vs yahoo mail vs outlook CPU comparison android. Yahoo Mail Data Usage : 17%.

Confirmed? Yahoo! Mail was to blame for High Data Usage!

Paul Thurrott has confirmed that Yahoo! mail was the culprit behind the high data usage on some Windows Phone 7 devices.

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Microsoft acknowledges Yahoo! Mail on WP7 can lead to high data...

Earlier in April we heard reports of high data consumption on some Windows Phone 7 devices. As I said, after using Windows Phone 7 devices since last July I have seen no abnormal data usage so thought it had to be a rogue app, either a 3rd party one or a carrier branded one.

high data with default email app - Android Forums...

I really want to use the default email app instead of touchdown for my work email. On my DroidX with Verizon I did not see this high data usage with email.

Excessive Windows phone 7 Data Usage... | MobileTechWorld

But those who have really stupidly high Data Usage even after correctly setting up their phone are probably affected by the Yahoo IMAP issue and this fits with Microsoft’s official statement.

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