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    • How do you sign up for Yahoo mail? How can I sign up without a phone number? Why does yahoo ask a phone number to open an account?


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    • How can I sign up for Yahoo without a phone number? Why does Yahoo request your cell phone number?
    • Mail: Why is my cell phone number linked to someone else's Yahoo! account? Can I create an outlook email without a phone number?


  3. Is there a way to create a Yahoo! account without having a cell phone that can receive SMS messages? - Web Applications Stack Exchange

    • You can create (or, more specifically, I was just able to create) a Yahoo account without a mobile number by signing up with an existing email address.
    • Yahoo! email signup without mobile phone. 2. Delete duplicate Yahoo e-mail account.


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    • How can I sign up a new Yahoo email account without a phone number? So now Yahoo won't let me sign in without giving my phone number? Why am i being asked for a phone number to sign into yahoo mail?


  5. Sign up for a Yahoo account | Yahoo Help - SLN2056

    • You're just steps away from using Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Yahoo Answers, and more when you sign up for a Yahoo account. You can create your account username with an email address from any email provider; you'll just need to provide a password, date of birth, and a mobile number.


  6. How to Sign Up for Yahoo Account Without Mobile Phone Number

    • This guide will show you how you can create a Yahoo Mail account without a mobile phone number verification in the Yahoo sign up form.


  7. Add or remove an account recovery method | Yahoo Help - SLN2058

    • Don't get locked out of your Yahoo account. Keep a valid mobile phone number or email address on your account in case you ever lose your password. You can add or replace up to 10 email addresses.


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    • Can I keep my yahoo mail account without giving up my cell phone number?
    • So now Yahoo won't let me sign in without giving my phone number?


  9. Fix problems signing in to your Yahoo account | Yahoo Help - SLN2051

    • Use the Sign-in Helper to get back into your account using your Yahoo ID, mobile number, recovery phone
    • If you're having trouble signing directly in to Yahoo Mail or a different product page, try
    • When you register for an account, it's up to you to provide valid recovery info that proves ownership.


  10. Secure your Yahoo account | Yahoo Help - SLN2080

    • Use Yahoo Account Key to sign in more securely with your mobile phone without having to remember another password.
    • If you want to get your Yahoo Mail in a third-party app, generate an app-specific password for it.
    • Keep your recovery email addresses and mobile numbers up-to-date.