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Send email from a non-Xtra email address through Yahoo Xtra Mail. Before you are able to send emails from a non-xtra email address through Yahoo Xtra mail, you will need to set it up in your account and verify it.

Re-secure your Yahoo Xtra Email Account

Select Mail Accounts in the left-hand menu to view all linked mail accounts For all unrecognised mail accounts, select and click Trash can.

How to Set Up Xtra Email | eHow

Mail in the U.S. You can sign up for Yahoo! Xtra mail for free and receive email benefits, such as spam and antivirus protection. Having an email address allows you to keep in quick contact with family members, employers, colleagues and other important people.

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Yahoo Japan users - please visit Yahoo Help to learn how to add your email address.

Yahoo and Xtra Retardo Mail

Xtramail and Yahoo mail are still separate entities just like Xtramail and Hotmail. I have an Xtra email account which is 'free' because Xtra are my ISP.

Xtra ID, with its own Yahoo! XtraMail mailbox. . Mail address by using...

Mail address by using an alternate mail account for some email transactions. ...

Web Design Tips: Delayed Mail to Xtra / Yahoo E-mail Addresses

Xtra and Yahoo NZ (they are the same thing) use spam prevention policies that are unique in the web design and email services industries and often cause emails

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Verifying non-Xtra email addresses in Yahoo Mail - Telecom New ... In order to send emails from a non- Xtra email address through Yahoo Mail, you must first ... Log into Yahoo Mail using your Xtra email address and password.

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