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  1. Yandex.Disk

    • Files uploaded to Yandex.Disk are saved in the cloud . This means that you will have access to them from any device connected to the internet.


  2. Yandex.Disk for photos

    • Yandex.Disk is a cloud service that stores all your important documents and photos in one place, provides access to them from any device, and makes it easy to edit and share them with friends.


  3. What is Yandex.Disk? — Disk — Yandex.Support

    • Yandex.Disk is a service that lets you store files on Yandex's servers. You can manage your Yandex.Disk files on any device connected to the internet.


  4. Yandex Disk - Wikipedia

    Yandex.Disk (Russian: Яндекс.Диск) is a cloud service created by Yandex that lets users store files on “cloud” servers and share them with others online. The service is based on syncing data between different devices. Yandex.Disk was launched in English in June 2012.


  5. Disk API — Yandex Technologies

    • Yandex.Disk is a service for storing files on remote Yandex servers and sharing them with others. Data can be accessed by logging in from any device connected to the internet.


  6. FAQ — Disk — Yandex.Support

    • FAQ
    • How much does Yandex.Disk cost?
    • What happens if I run out of Disk space?


  7. Приложения в Google Play – Яндекс.Диск | Безопасное хранение фото и документов. Лента последних файлов для удобной работы

    Ваши файлы всегда под рукой. Яндекс.Диск — бесплатный сервис, благодаря которому ваши фотографии, видеоролики и документы доступны вам из любой точки мира, где есть интернет.


  8. Yandex.Disk API

    • Yandex.Disk API. Developer's guide. Version 1.1 Document build date: 8.09.2017.


  9. Download Yandex.Disk 1.4.16 - FileHippo.com

    • Yandex.Disk lets you keep your important files secure and able to effortlessly share them with your friends and colleagues.


  10. Yandex.Disk Review: The Russian Google Drive - BackupReview.com

    • Yandex.Disk is the company’s cloud storage platform, released in beta a few weeks prior to Google’s own launch of Drive.