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Can I monetize gameplay footage from this game on youtube ?

I've recorded a gameplay from One Piece Unlimited World Red and uploaded it on youtube, since I get a lot of views on it and didn't get any copyright notices, am I allowed to monetize such video ?

Monetizing gameplay on YouTube - Answer HQ

Is it possible to upload and monetize short gameplay videos with commentary using video and sound from the game on YouTube?

Phil Fish: YouTube Ad Money on Gameplay Vids Should Be Shared...

'Fez' developer Phil Fish expresses controversial thoughts on YouTube gameplay video revenue sharing and ends up shutting down his Twitter account.

Monetize gameplay video on YouTube - Q & A Section (Pilots Version)

Is it possible to Monetize Star Conflict gameplay videos on youtube???

Youtube, monetization and gameplay | Forum

What are your (The developers and co) opinions on Gameplay and Let's Plays videos for youtube? How do you feel about these types of content creators monetizing your game through their content.

MWO: Forums - Youtube Monetization

Youtube Monetization. Started by Koniving, Feb 07 2013 08:12 AM.

Let’s Play Videos, YouTube and and Copyright: FAQ | Longzijun

(Ubisoft, YouTube and Copyrights). Many game developers are savvy enough to recognize that

Can I monetize gameplay videos? – Google Product Forums

YouTube enabled my account to monetize my videos. Most of my videos are Call of Duty gameplay videos.

How To Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube The Right Way...

Does [insert game developer or publisher] allow gameplay uploads and monetization? Answer: Everything I know on this subject can be found by referencing my Monetize YouTube Videos Using...

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