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Zone or The Zone or In the Zone may refer to: Zone, Lombardy, a comune in the Province of Brescia. Zone (Thrace) (Ζώνη), an ancient Greek city in western Thrace. France, any of several divisions (Free, Northern, Occupied, and Southern) during the German occupation of France during World War II.

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From Latin zōna, from Ancient Greek ζώνη ‎(zṓnē, “girdle, belt”). (General American) enPR: zōn, IPA(key): /zoʊn/. (Received Pronunciation), IPA(key): /zəʊn/. Rhymes: -əʊn. zone ‎(plural zones). (geography, now rare)...



ZTV News & other animations by ZONE Send us stuff! PO Box 4418 Burbank, CA 91503 United States.

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ZONE. @Z0NE. I make all those Flash cartoon 'parodies'. Yes, THOSE ones. Send stuff to: PO Box 4418, Burbank, CA 91503, United States. zone-archive.

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shit, that nigga bought a zone last night & he already smoked all of it! he said he wouldn't sell me a zone. i think it's because i'll get a quarter for free & he won't make as much money.

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zone. [Gr.,=girdle], in geography, area with a certain physical and/or cultural unity that distinguishes it from other areas.

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The Zona Rosa is not like it used to be," said Mendoza, who has worked on the corner of Genova and Hamburgo streets since he was 8 years old.

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Zone is defined as to mark off or divide an area for a certain purpose. An example of zone is blocking off a section of a highway with orange cones for repainting the lines.

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