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iOS 7.x. Click on Install and then Confirm that appears in the same place. After you hit Confirm, it will start downloading the 250 KB patch and install it.


On iOS 9, AppCake does not require AppSync Unified.


Search for AppCake in Cydia. Install the correct version for your iOS device and ENJOY.


We tested AppCake on iPhone, iPad and also iPod before posting this guide.If you decided to add appcake Cydia Source and download appcake on iOS 7 & iOS 8. You need a jailbroken device with Cydia installed on it.


AppCake is one of the best Installous alternative that offers paid apps at free of cost. Install AppCake+ from official repo source and start exploring all those free apps.


6. Place AppCake on your iOS device via CyberDuck. 7. While CyberDuck is open, click Go → Send Command and paste the following command and click Send


When installing Appcake, some users may see an application called “AppSync” being downloaded at the same time. This app is required for use with Appcake on iOS devices that had never used Installous prior to downloading Appcake. 12.


AppCake bundled ppsync8 when nothing works for iOS8, here is how it works: When you open AppCake and start installing IPA file, AppCake will detect if you have AppSync installed, if not, it will


Step 2 :- Downloading AppCake from Cydia for iOS 7. Now Cydia will verify the URL you added & then it will start downloading the repo package. When package installation over Cydia may ask you to restart springboard – just do it.


Is this work on iOS 8.2? I've already got a jailbroken 8.2. When I installed apps on appcake it always show -999 error even tho I got 2.1.2 Taig version.


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