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Hamster wheel power generator. Discussion in 'Highly Technical' started by TheNiceGuy, Jan 17, 2011.


Hamster Wheel Generator-lovequoteshd.website.


It makes sense, since, much like the example above, Pikachu do generate massive amounts of electricity making them akin to small furry generators. In Sun and Moon, Sophocles has a hamster wheel on the side of his desk.


Although we humans may laugh at power generating hamsters for "researchers take hamster wheel generator for a spin" was originally published by pc.


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Hamster wheels are exercise toys that allow hamsters and other small rodents to exercise in a confined environment such as a hamster cage.


The idea of technology powered by hamsters running on exercise wheels has always been little more than a geeky joke -- until now. Georgia University's Nano Research Group, headed by Dr. Zhong Lin Wang, has proven that the concept is sound, by capturing a running hamster's biomechanical energy.


Six-figure hamster wheel? So here's a question for you: Are you using HUSTLE and GRIT to generate revenue EACH and every month?


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