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Казахстан - Kazakhstan. Рассказы, фотографии, отзывы о Казахстане, отдыхе в Казахстане, городах, курортах и отелях Казахстана.


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Kazakhstan is an independent Republic. It is situated in the Central Asia. Its population, is 16 million. All people of Kazakhstan have equal rights and duties.


Astana is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is the third largest city in the country with population over 800 000. In 1999 Astana was awarded the title of the City of Peace by UNESCO. Geographical position and climate. Astana is the northernmost capital of Asia.


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Lesson objectives All learners will able to: -speak about the best places of Kazakhstan; Most learners will able to: -speak on a topic using new expressions; . use first conditional in speaking activities ; Some learners will able to: -Speak about sightseeing of Kazakhstan and it’s nature


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