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If you are just getting started with Facebook, learn all about creating a page, using the Facebook login feature, and more.


Log in to Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family and people you know.


Facebook Issue: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /login-facebook.php:29) in login-facebook.php on line 36.


Facebook Email Login. Yes, Facebook does offer its own free webmail service, and you can start using it as soon as you create a www.Facebook.com account.


Can you make a tutorial on php sdk 4 for facebook for login user and extrating user information along with email and photo and then log out users.


You may, at this point, want to know what you can do, especially if you’re stuck on a Facebook log-in page with your e-mail on it (or


if you did not save your username then how facebook will show it to you then by default it shows undefined.


Every Facebook login requires an email address or phone number and a password that you selected. Those of you who do not have a Facebook login can create one for free when you sign up to Facebook.


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