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The Pill, which celebrated its 50th birthday last year, revolutionised how we think about sexuality and


! Service provision should include information and counselling on contraception, sexuality and reproductive health.


‘Might adolescents increase their sexual activity when they have access to contraception?’ ‘Methods of contraception are promoted specifically as a means to reduce the problem of abortion.’ ‘Both schools already have policies of advice, contraception and emergency contraception.’


There is complete unanimity that no form of contraception that is abortifacient is acceptable and there are definitive ecumenical canons that proscribe abortifacients.


Emergency contraception (EC), or emergency postcoital contraception, are birth control measures that may be used after sexual


Clinical Scenario 1: When to start a contraceptive method? • 16 y.o. female comes to office desiring contraception and decides she wants the implant.


Emergency contraception must be started as soon as possible after intercourse and no more than 72 hours after.


"Although IUDs are clearly the most effective option for emergency contraception, and provide excellent ongoing contraceptive protection, this does not mean that we think


1 Before starting hormonal contraception, women should be advised about the expected bleeding patterns, both initially and in the longer term. (Good Practice Point). Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use in women with bleeding.


The journal Contraception wishes to advance reproductive health through the rapid publication of the best and most interesting new scholarship...


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