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These kinds of areas can cover about 33% of the land on Earth. That includes much of Antarctica, where large areas get no snow at all. The largest hot desert is the Sahara desert, in northern Africa, covering 9 million square kilometers.


"Mojave Desert Facts Wikipedia" in the news.


Desert - Wikipedia. Feb 9th, 2018 Cold Deserts, Sometimes Known As Temperate Deserts, Occur At Higher


Let’s discover some interesting facts about deserts


Desert Biome Facts, they can inhibit all the plants and animals that can survive. The desert biome is an ecosystem due to the low level of rain every year.


6 °F in a remote desert town in the Algerian Desert called Bou Bernous with an elevation of 378 metres (1,240 ft) meters above sea level.


Although the Sahara Desert is very dry today, it is expected that it will become green again in about 15000 years. Interesting Sahara Desert Facts


arctic facts wikipedia. Atacama Desert facts. It breeds in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America.


The desert cottontail (Sylvilagus audubonii), also known as Audubon's cottontail, is a New World cottontail rabbit, and a member of the family Leporidae. Unlike the European rabbit, they do not form social burrow systems, but compared with some other leporids...


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